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Record of Success

VA Home Inspector License ClassWhile the Home Inspector Training Academy was founded in 1992, Hollis Brown has been leading the school since 2001. Over the last three decades, HITA has grown to become the premier home inspection training destination for Washington DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia residents. With an industry expert leading our classes, a convenient location, and comfortable class sizes, we have trained hundreds of students. The academy has proudly watched many graduates go out into the field to lead lucrative careers and even create their own sucessful home inspection companies.

What Our Students Have to Say

"Amanda and Hollis, I just want to say how appreciative I am for the education and resources I received from The Home Inspector Training Academy.  Hollis, your wisdom and passion for the field is contagious and motivates me to be better.  I am looking forward to being more involved in the field as I make the transition from my current career.  Amanda, thank you so much for all your fluid communication and due diligence during the entire process.  I am happy to say that I have passed the National Home Inspector Examination and looking to start inspections in Maryland.  I am still in the process of finding a mentor to obtain my Virginia licence.  Again thank you both so much!"  -Trevor Imlay

"Thank you very much for your feedback.  I do really appreciate it.  There is no doubt in my mind that one of the best decisions I have made was attending your training.  Thanks again." -Octavio Paguagua

"Hollis, Thank you for a wonderful experience.  This course was even more than I had anticipated.  I've learned so much more than expected.  I enjoyed your thoughtful insight and wisdom.  I hope to keep in touch."  -Kyle Godfrey

"Very informative and a great start for those beginning. Everything I learned was very usable." - T.L. Jackson

"This course is a great overview of not only the systems covered in a home inspection, but a detailed account of what to look for; common defects, how to present defects, as well as the overall theory behind a home inspection. Very valuable." - Tim Gregorin

"Everything I hoped for. Very informative" - Edward Winovich

"I attended the Home Inspector Training Academy and have been working in the field with AmeriSpec Home Services since then. Hollis is a great instructor. He's extremely knowledgeable -- professorial even -- in his knowledge and command of home inspections; and very professional. He would always mix in the book work with real life situations and experiences, breaking down processes and procedures to where they were easily understood. His command of marketing via the Internet was surprisingly phenomenal! I am extremely pleased with the knowledge gained from Hollis and the HITA curriculum. It has served as a great foundation for me as I move on with my home inspecting career gaining even greater knowledge. Definitely highly recommended!" -M. R. Hart, Command Master Chief

"Thank you! I really appreciate you taking time out of your weekend for this. You and Hollis really went out of your way to help me!" -Kevin Teitel, House-Pro Inspections

"...As a one of his alumni at HITA - Home Inspection class 3 1/2 years back, I can easily say that I have made the best decision for choosing a very excellent mentor. Through the years, his guidance to his students had helped majority if not all, find the right track in doing proper/professional home inspection....His professionalism and mastery of his own craft is considered a legacy. I am very pleased to have met him and lucky to continue to be networking with a remarkable Mentor and a Friend." -Ramon Camaya

Following the 2-day Back-to-Basics program at the FL-ASHI Octoberspect Conference in Kissimmee Florida, Dave Neal of Pasco Home Inspections, Inc. in Newport Richey said, "Hollis is a walking talking home inspection information center." MD Home Inspector License Class

After completing the Summer-of-Saturdays program James Murdock, a custom painter from Silver Spring, Maryland, commented that, "Hollis is a natural, very well suited for the classroom, great delivery and easy going style! He then went on to describe the class, as "very enlightening and very well thought out, excellent delivery." 

Culminating the Season-of-Saturdays, Dale Olson of Finksburg, Maryland described the class as an, "excellent overview of all aspects of the home inspection business with practical examples and hands on practice". Dale then commented, "Love the stories and examples."